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Piano 3 Sonatas Sonata in E - Sonata of a sad story
    Sonata Requiem - Atypical Requiem for my father
    Sonata (in the late twentieth century!) for Piano
  2 Suites Nº1 Hidden prints
    Nº2 October
Violin Solo Violin Sonata
  I’m from Salta - Variations for Violin and Piano
  Honorings - Four pieces with introduction for Violin and Piano
Violoncello La Salamanca - Poem for violoncello and Piano
Fliscorn (Trumpet in B) Prelude and Allegro for Fliscorn and Piano
Saxophone States V - for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Clarinet Delirium - four tables for Clarinet in B and Piano
Trios Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
  Tonal singings (in atonal epochs) - Trio for Viola, Double-Bass and Piano
Brass Memories of the Salta's Carnival - For Brass Quintet and Piano
String Quartet Quartet for 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello
  Tonal singings (in atonal epochs) - Marimba and String Quartet Version
Special sets I shot what to whom? - Didactic variations for Flute, Clarinet in B, Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet in B and Piano
  The three little pigs - Didactic variations for Flute, Violin, Violoncello, Guitar and Piano
  The fabulous bear - Flute, two Violins, Viola, Violoncello, Double-bass and Piano version
Vocal Human looks - Harmonisations on four traditional Portuguese songs - for Bass and Piano
  To the daughter of a prisoner - Cantata for Bass, mixed Choir, two Pianos and Percussion
  Shame, for mixed choir a capella
  I loved you - for mixed choir a capella
Orchestral Pi tete úeru (lullaby to rouse a people) - for Symphonic Orchestra and Voice
  El Cacuy - Sinfonia Concertante  for Violin and String Orchestra
  Atacama - Variations for Trumpet and String Orchestra
  The Music in the History - Music for a spectacle
  The fabulous bear - Music for an infantile story, for Chamber Orchestra
  Pachamama - Symphonic overture
  Utku suni (essay on the abyss) - Symphonic overture