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F.AltubeFernando Severo Altube was born in the city of Salta, Argentina in 1960.
He started his musical studies at age 6 and performed his first concerts as a soloist and as a chamber musician at a very young age. His first works as a compositor are from this period.
He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music Carlos Lopez Buchardo with a gold medal in piano, followed by a post graduation. At the same time he continued composing for his instrument.
In 1989 he won a scholarship from the URSS` government to the Moscow Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky. In this city he premiered his own works as well as other argentine composers.
He master classed with Helmut Riling in Stuttgart.
Twice in a row he won improvisation prizes in contests at the Moscow Conservatory.
He had the rare opportunity to perform his own work in the Rachmaninoff`s Hall at The Moscow Conservatory, an honour which is seldom given to a student in an author`s concert night.
Currently, he is the Artistic Director, Professor of Analisis and Composition, Piano and Chamber Music and Concertmaster at the Luisa Toddy Academy for the arts in Setubal. He also teaches at the Musical Arts National Centre in Lisbon.
For several years, he was the official concertmaster for the Seixal Bras Ensemble master classes, playing with artists such as Phillipe Legris, Bruno Nouvion, Allen Vizzutti, David Taylor, Gene Porkorny, Scott Hartman, among others.
In December 1999, he was given the First Prize at the Andres Gaos Composition Prize , in the Spanish city of La Coruña. The awarded composition is El Cacuy, a concert symphony for violin and string orchestra.
July 17th in the same year 2000, his work Cantos Tonales , for the viola, double bass and piano, composed, dedicated and premiered by the Opus Ensemble, was presented at the Music Festival of the Costa do Estoril. The concert was repeated at the Casa de Mateus Festival the next day. In September 2000, Fernando Severo Altube gave a concert where only his works were presented. Opus Ensemble, Seixal Brass Ensemble and Duo Abraxas performed the musical pieces with great success.
In the same year, in March, he performed for the first time in Portugal, the Carlos Guastavino`s piano sonata in a concert dedicated to argentine music at the House of Latin America, in Lisbon.
June 2001, he was invited to be a member ot the jury at the 4th Composition Prize André Gaos in La Coruña, Spain.
July the 9th of 2001, a version for the Marimba and String Quartet of the Cantos Tonales , was performed at the Coimbra International Music Festival.
September the 11th of 2001, at the Salón Dorado in the Casa de la Cultura in Buenos Aires, was held a concert dedicated to Mr. Altube`s work where only some of his pieces for the Piano and Violin were presented.
In the same year and month occurred with enormous success the premier of his Pi tete úeru under the baton of Pedro Ignácio Calderon and the Argentina National Symphony Orchestra, featuring singer Melánia Pérez and Bernardo di Vruno (quena) at the Belgrano Auditorium in Buenos Aires.
Another world premier took place in March 2002, at the Opera Palace, La Coruña. His work El Cacuy was performed first time with great success, featuring Josep Pons, conductor, the Galicia Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Prjevalsky on the Violin.
In February 2003 the piece The Fabulous Bear, based on the homonymous tale and commissioned by the Galicia National Orchestra was presented.
In the 30th of September at The Palacio Foz in Lisbon, he offered a recital dedicated to Alberto Ginastera, Argentine composer, to mark the 20th anniversary of his death.
Since 2002, has been the chief conductor and arranger of the Orff Orchestra of Setúbal..
In May 2004, at the House of Latin America and the Palácio Foz in Lisbon, he performed two autobiographical concerts, with the argentine violinist Alejandro Drago, playing pieces for solo violin, solo piano and violin and piano.
In December 2004 his Fabulous Bear becomes a CD, featuring the Galicia National Orchestra for the Kalandraka records.
In 2005 a new CD for the Tradition editions was presented to the public, where his violin solo Sonata is played by violinist Alejandro Drago.
October 2007 he inaugurated the new Café-Concert at the new Almada Municipal Theatre with a recital entirely dedicated to tango and argentine folklore.
March the 4th of 2007 he premiered one version for seven instruments of his tale The Fabulous Bear at the La Coruña Contemporary Art Museum.
May 12th of 2007 he offered a recital at the Cascais Cultural Centre where he presented and performed his 2nd Sonata for Piano, The Requiem Sonata.
In April 2008 his Cantos Tonales was performed by Pedro Carneiro, on the marimba, and the Tokyo String Quartet at the Centro Cultural of Belem in Lisbon. The integral version of this piece was performed by the Latin American Quartet first time in July the 18th of 2008 at the the Cervantino International Festival.